About Us

Service is not just a department in our company nor is it just a technician with a toolbox. Service is the attitude our entire company takes on at your moment of need. We understand that when your systems stop working, it is not only frustrating but it can cost your organization money. At Complete Office Technology Solutions we realize that our quick response time is critical. Because we are a local service provider, our certified specialists will quickly respond and methodically isolate trouble areas in order to provide effective permanent solutions to maximize the performance of your system.

Why Ohio Business Systems!

Office technology is rapidly changing and what works for one company may not work for another. At OBS we realize that your business is different from all others and we take the time to understand every aspect of your company. We will ask questions like:

How do you accomplish your day to day work?

How does information flow in your company?

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Why are we telling you this? We want you to be prepared for what it means to work with Ohio Business Systems. We believe in true partnerships and in developing long lasting relationships with our clients. We will work hard to bring all of your business dreams into reality – not through cookie cutter solutions but through thought-out customized solutions that fit your need and your need only.

Too often companies allow technology to dictate the solution to their needs, paying for solutions that have no real business objective. At OBS, we show you how each piece of technology we propose addresses a specific business need with tangible ROI.

Getting to knowing your business and designing a cost-effective, turnkey solution is our business.

All it takes is a phone call…….

All it takes is a phone call to have one of our experienced document management solutions representatives provide a free analysis of your current office equipment environment. We will then provide alternatives to increase the efficiency and productivity of your document workflow.